Light Givers – the most magical fabric!

The mystery quilt is coming along very well.  I love how the quilt looks and how well the whole pattern is coming together.  I can’t wait for you guys to make one.  Please hold for the release – Coming Soon!

I wrote a funny introduction to the mystery which dates back to the 1500s and a blacksmith called Guillermo (el Toro) Reyes.  What fun it was to make up!

The greatest challenge of writing a mystery quilt is describing the fabrics needed to create the quilt.  Without seeing a sample, the detective sewers are required to get fabric based on my written clues alone.  Now that is scary for anyone – even a maverick quilter!

Because I want everyone to base the quilt on a large-print fabric that they love, I have to categorize the fabric based on the value and pattern, rather than color.  If the quilt was simply a blue & white quilt that would be easy, but. of course, my quilt is more esoteric.

One of the fabrics that does an important job in the quilt in what I call a light giver.  I don’t know where I learned this term, but I rely on these magical fabrics to create space, shine and glow in a quilt.

Are you thinking:  What?!

Hold on and I’ll explain.  A light giver is a fabric that has light, medium and dark in a single fabric.  Of  course, any light value fabric can create light in a quilt when paired with dark fabrics, but the light givers seem to glow from the inside out.

In the mystery quilt, I am trying to create a sense of lightness in a place where four blocks join.  Using the light givers, I can use different fabrics and have them really brighten the corners and create a secondary image.

I encourage you to use quirky and unusual fabrics.  I think it really makes for fun visual play and adds whimsy to your work.

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