Don’t tell my husband about my boyfriend, please!

I have been hanging out with my boyfriend Alexander Henry again.  Don’t tell my husband!

Matisse Arm Chair detail
Matisse Arm Chair detail

OK, so Alexander Henry is not an actual person, but for the sake of one’s fabric obsessions, let’s just pretend he is.

For us fabric fanatics, we can create deep bonds with our fabric and get very attached.  How many times have I heard someone say, “I just CAN’T cut it up!”  It is that idea that if you cut it into pieces, that you’ll never see it again – how silly is that?  When you make a quilt that’s exactly what you do – you get to see it over and over again – right in the quilt.

The trick is to use that fabric in a quilt for you!  The other trick is to us a large enough piece that you don’t feel like you’ve wrecked it.  That is one of the best parts of the using your favorite fabric in a dream chair.

It’s been a while since I made a chair quilt (OK, only about six weeks, but that is an eternity in the dream chair world).

So I went into the fabric closet (OK, ONE of the fabric closets) and pulled out some pieces that would make super cool chairs.

I had recently bought a fabric with images of Matisse ladies, that included images of the artist’s painted chairs and his quintessential leaf cut outs.  That was a fo sho choice.  I love the idea of chair fabrics on chair quilts.  The quilt was a real joy to make – I just popped this baby right out!

Matisse Arm Chair
Matisse Arm Chair by Alethea Ballard

When I am creating and things are going well there is this wave of positive energy that I get – it is like some great Seratonin rush – you know like eating good chocolate or something.  How can I create with this amazing fabric and not fall in love with my boyfriend along the way?

Matisse Arm Chair detail
Matisse Arm Chair detail
Matisse Arm Chair detail
Matisse Arm Chair detail

Then, I was thinking, how about a cowboy quilt?  I brought out my pile of cowboy fabrics, and then I found Rodeo Girl and a bunch of other cool cowboys and bandanna and stuff – kickin’!  Check out the Dream Chair Corral – chair of the week – she deserves her own post!!!

Humph.  How funny that all of these fabrics were made by my paramour?

I never paid attention to fabric manufacturers until I started to write Maverick Quilts, but now as I pull fabrics out of my pile(s), I find that so many of them are Alexander Henry’s.

Here are the things I love about AH fabrics:  1. The colors     2. The large-scale motifs     3. The images

Do you think there is something wrong with me?  Please say no.

I am happy to say that my dates with Alex (I call him Alex) have been going well.

By the way, one of  my students told me that she had been hanging out with Alex, too.  Do you think he’s two-timing me?

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  1. ranellhansenquilts

    Oh, gosh. Alexander Henry is really two women…But look on the bright side. Your husband won’t care if you hang out with your girlfriends.
    I love your work. I love the Matisse images. I have a Matisse quilt in me some day, too.

    1. I had the chance to meet the people behind Alexander Henry at the Fall Quilt Market. Is actually a team of six designers let by brother and sister, Phillip and Nicole De Leon. They’re lovely. I dream of a visit to their Burbank studio some day.

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