Cherish – the great bandana quilt challenge

One aisle at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City
One aisle at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City

Quilt Market is where the quilting industry shows off the newest products and fabrics.  It is absolutely huge with 28 aisles with 40 booths each! It was held in Salt Lake City this past weekend.

My next few posts will be chronicling my trip there, and I want to start by sharing a special quilt project with you. (Especially since that Mean Mavis Quinn made fun of it!)

I was really intrigued by this amazing three-dimensional quilt.  I don’t know who the maker is, but if any of you, dear readers, know, please send me a message!

Great Bandana Quilt Challenge Quilt
Great Bandana Quilt Challenge Quilt

These curvy domes are in three sizes and are made up of many fabrics, including the bandanas for the Great Bandana Quilt Challenge.  It uses minkee and some amazingly curvy women in the alternate blocks.  I just loved it!

You are invited to join the contest using Simplicity’s Cherish cutting templates and some of the Cherish bandanas.  You can find all the contest details at
If you send in a photo of a quilt by June 25 that includes some of the bandanas offered by Moda, you can be eligible to win some great prizes.  Your local quilt store can also win a trip to Quilt Market in Houston this fall!

You can find the bandanas at or perhaps at your local store.

Side view of Challenge Quilt
Side view of Challenge Quilt

I really encourage all of you to have your yearly mammogram!   Don’t put it off – it’s not worth the risk!

My family and I are all hoping and praying for our dear friend Jeay’nae who is in the middle of treatment right now.

Remember that if you click on any of the photos on the blog, you can see them in a larger format!

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