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Photo by Rob MacInnis
Photo by Rob MacInnis

Well, the weekend is here and I want to give a shout out to the miserables who are suffering in the heat.  We all know we should be frolicking in the beauty of nature, but my guess is that if you’re reading this you’re sweltering through the air conditioning instead!

Here are a few of my new favorite blog posts to give you some inspiration!

On My Modern Metropolis there is a Vogue-style photo shoot of farm animals that I liked.


It’s a little too hot to knit these days, but I love these trees encased in sweaters!  If only Dr. Seuss could see these!


For you intrepid hand stitchers out there take a look at Daniel Kornrumpf’s portraits – amazing!


Funny Exam Papers from My Modern Met
Funny Exam Papers from My Modern Met

And lastly, if you just need a laugh you must look at the hilarious exam papers in Eugene’s blog post.


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