Must Have Fabrics #1

monaluna scooters!
monaluna scooters!

One of the frusterating things about being an author is that you have to keep your new work a secret for the almost-two-year time that elapses from proposal to publication. This is a hardship when one always wants to share one’s new work as they go – that is when the energy is strong and the affection for the new quilt is always highest. With all of this in mind, I want to at least share the fabrics I am using with you. This way you can see what excites me and inspires me as I go!

I have to give you a disclaimer of sorts. I CANNOT get my colors right in my photos and that is because every wall in my house is yellow and the photos NEVER come our right – even these which I took in a white box. Poop! I will continue to work on this, but you’ll have to trust me. I will also provide links to the ACTUAL fabric websites when I can, and you can see them in correct color for yourself! I copied the image to the right from their website so at least you can see how great it is! But the rest of the photos are yellowed.  Poop!

The fabric industry is always creating new product – each quilt market, Spring and Fall, has a staggering amount of new fabrics for vendors to choose from. Each store chooses fabrics that they like and which they think their customers will like.  This way each store gets a “personality” which often reflects the buyers aesthetic.  Each store is unique as a result.  This gives us a good excuse to have to go to every single fabric store in creation.  It is only there that they can provide us with that precious item that we all need – new fabric.

One thing you have probably noticed is that fabric rarely hangs around for very long. The “good stuff” gets snapped up very quickly – sometimes by the fabric store workers themselves the minute the box is opened, so you really have to be on the ball to get the “best” stuff! If you see fabric in the store that is more than a year old, it’s unusual. In fact, if it has been around for a year, it’s usually moved to the sale racks to make room for the flow of new stuff that lumps its way through the doors in cardboard boxes.

If you are buying fabric because it is new and you love it but don’t know what you’ll use it for, then how much to buy is always the issue – I try to get fabric in the quantity I would use it in a project. Usually the larger the print – the more I get.

If you go back later there is a big chance the fabric will be gone. At that point you go to plan B – ask your quilting friends. Then, of course, Plan C is start searching online. You can usually find just about anything online for a while. It helps to have the name of the fabric and the manufacturer. This info is to be found printed on the selvage edges. In today’s tekkie age you can just snap a digital photo of the selvage info and have it available if you end up needing more later.

Monaco from Mona Luna
Monaco from monaluna

This week I found an organic cotton at Woodengate Quilts in Danville.  It is the monaco line from monaluna, a new fabric company that is located right here in lovely Walnut Creek, California. It has the best scooter fabric and these yummy bird silhouettes.  I fell in love with it immediately and have already made a whole quilt from it. (I can’t show you the quilt yet, unless you are willing to self-destruct in 30 seconds, as it is all confidential and on the Q.T.!)

Scooters with some great fabrics
Scooters with some great fabrics

The fabric has exquisite colors and the hand is delicious like a favorite cotton sheet! You might use it with some subtle prints like these Patrick Lose mixables and this brown plaid from Lecien.

Scooters with orange and Prince Charming frogs
Scooters with orange and Prince Charming frogs

If you are feeling more adventurous (like me) you might put it with some of Tula Pink’s Prince Charming frog fabrics! Yumbalia!

Again, I apologize for the off-color photos – the real fabric has a crisp white background and the sweetest blues and greens.  Check it out yourself at You will see that they have some wonderful fabrics that go with the scooters, too. And get some of this fabric – Quick!

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  1. I love those scooters too. Imagine that, we have similar tastes! We should go shop hopping together soon!
    I know you’re having fun, as always…..

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