Book Signing – Maverick Quilts is out and on its way!

Maverick Quilts, Using Large-Scale Fabrics, Novelty Prints & Panels with Panache
Maverick Quilts, Using Large-Scale Fabrics, Novelty Prints & Panels with Panache

I was sitting in my Lay-Z-Boy and my new book was on the table.  I could see the title and my name right there on the spine.  Like a real book!

It is even in the Library of Congress, and therefore so am I!!!


I had a nice time on Saturday’s book signing at Thimble Creek Quilt Shop in Concord, California.  A lovely bunch of cheerful sunflowers met me at the table and nice people came in over the next few hours to see me and get a copy of Maverick Quilts.

Alethea at Thimble Creek
Alethea at Thimble Creek

The owners of the shop are Joe and Roxie Wood, and I have had the pleasure of knowing them since they first opened up their store many years ago.  For a while, I even worked there.  (I really love being a shopkeeper!)

Their store is delightful and the classroom is great.  The big sunny room has a high ceiling and lots of design wall space.

Roxie and Joe offer all kinds of classes from drop-in classes to handwork and embroidery.  Sign up for their gazette to stay abreast of the latest news.

You’ll even see that I am teaching quilts from Maverick Quilts in August!

Over the years Joe has learned to quilt and he has become a very accomplished quilt pattern designer and teacher.  His fun workshops and retreats always sell out and the students have the best time – especially since he cooks for them, too!

Alethea with Joe Wood from Thimble Creek
Alethea with Joe Wood from Thimble Creek

I saw Joe in his booth at Quilt Market this spring.  See his great quilts on the walls?  He has patterns for them available through the store at

As always, my sweet friends stopped by to say hi.  I am so lucky to know such kind and loving friends.

I was especially happy to see my personal trainer, Mac Dodds, who came in with his two darling boys.  I was able to sign a copy of the book for Mac and show his son where I had talked about his dad in the dedication of the book.

Mac Dodds and the boys!
Mac Dodds and the boys!

I have been blessed to have Mac work with me over the past four years.  While I might not be a model of fitness, Mac is more than a trainer.  He is very educated and has guided me to eat right, exercise well and, to “Make the choices of a healthy person.”  More than all of that, Mac has made each and every workout a joy by always changing what we do and by making it fun in the process!

If you are in the East Bay area and looking for a Mac for your healthy life, look no further!  Find Mac at  Yes, that’s him in the marathon photo!

As I say in the book, Mac has helped me learn to think positively and be hopeful and productive.  For that I will be forever grateful.

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  1. Hi Alethea,
    We have not met in person but I feel like I know you! I love your new book it was given to me by my friend Becky and it is fabulous, Thank You for writing it. Cathe Hedrick, Santa Barbara Quilting Retreats

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