Let the Quirk Begin…

Koi Pond Chairs, by Alethea Ballard (detail)
Koi Pond Chairs, by Alethea Ballard (detail)

(Read all the way to grumpy cat and the P.S. to be eligible to win a prize. Really.)

There is a very special quilt event beginning on Thursday. The San Ramon Valley Museum in Danville, California, is opening a month-long quilt exhibit.

It is called the Quirkology of Quilts – Warmth to Whimsy.

Margaret Linderman and I were asked to co-curate the biennial quilt show for the museum, which is housed in the historic railroad building at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Prospect.

We have collected an eclectic mix of new quilt work, mostly created by local quilters. Margaret and I both have some of our newest quilts included. In addition, Margaret has selected some of her wearable art clothing to display, and I have some of my small chairs on display.

One of the wonderful things about creating a show like this is that during the selection process you can create a body of work that tells a story, as the quilts relate to each other in interesting ways.

As part of this conversation we have also created displays of old and new sewing tools, pincushions, and a few hand-made monsters. There is an interesting photo collection depicting some of the influences on today’s more quirky quilts. The museum has several fascinating antique quilts that we were able to include, along with a very unusual “Maverick” quilt from the 1960’s.

I invite all of you to visit the show, which will run until September 25. For more information and hours, please visit the museum’s website. http://www.museumsrv.org

Official Quirkology of Quilts flyer
Official Quirkology of Quilts flyer

But wait, you also get…

There are two quilts that you can win for your very own selfiepoo.  There is a raffle quilt; the tickets will be on sale at the museum. (photo coming soon)

Shibori Bouquet, by Margaret Linderman
Shibori Bouquet, by Margaret Linderman

The above quilt, made my Margaret Linderman, will be the prize for the Quilt Treasure Hunt. To win this beautiful quilt, you can pick up a postcard that lists the location of seven quilts, each of which are hanging in a Danville business within walking distance of the museum. Fill out the postcard when you have discovered all of the quilts’ locations and turn it in to the museum to be eligible for a drawing of this lovely wall hanging. Eat, shop, win a quilt – awesome!

But Wait You Also, Also Get a BIG Hello!

I would like to extend a special welcome to those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time! You might be visiting me after reading Laura Nownes’ blog, See How We Sew. It is a delight to be interviewed by Laura for her blog. I hope you like the free project that I shared, which shows the steps to make a portable ironing board using empty fabric bolts.

I invite you to scroll through my blog posts. I write about my current work, things that inspire me, quilts I like, and about my greatest passion – fabric!

Mavis Quinn (again)
Mavis Quinn (again)

A strange person called Mavis Quinn sometimes uses my site to post her ramblings written for Where Cuckoo Women Create Magazine .com.org.biz. Take what she says with a grain (or pound) of salt!

To get you exploring the site, I would like to offer you an opportunity to win a special prize – I will make a wonderful tote bag and put an image from my newest painted quilt, Koi Pond Chairs, on it just for you!

To win the cool tote bag, send me a comment below and tell me your favorite image from the blogs, I will put your name in my cool, red Disneyland hat and randomly pick a winner on Friday night at 9:00 P.M. PST. With the help of grumpy cat, Scott Hastings.

Scott Hastings
Scott Hastings


P.S. Of course all of you faithful blog subscribers are welcome to enter the drawing – as you know I have never offered a free prize before!!! So stingy!

14 thoughts on “Let the Quirk Begin…”

    1. He yowls at the fence like a creature from Michael Jackson’s Thriiler every single day at 11:00 and 2:00. Are you sure you’d want him? If he gets more comments than my quilts I am going to be mad!

  1. I love all your pictures and comments….so much fun! But my favorite is the furry rooster…yep, that is one nice looking felluh.

  2. Hmm, couldn’t figure out out to go back in time to previous blog posts, but I did love that little ol Fred Flintstone rolling around in your landscape quilt.
    Great exhibit at the SR Valley Museum. Y’all should go!

  3. Eileen McNaughton

    Can’t wait for the museum show! I would LOVE to win the prize… the Koi pond quilt is gorgeous by the way… I’ve seen it up close and personal. You never posted a photo of the whole quilt did you? It would look great on a bag, but then again any of your quilts would rock a tote!

    1. Yes, The show is looking stunning! As the Koi Pond Chairs quilt is my newest, it is, of course, my new favorite. Good luck in winning the tote bag! Scott has been practicing his pulling names out of a hat technique all week – he’s getting good!

  4. Hi, I’ve come over from See How We Sew – loved your interview there. I’m new to your work and must say I’m blown away by it. Stunning and inspiring!
    I’ve had a brief look through your blog so far and will be back for more when I have chance. I’ve subscribed so I don’t miss future posts too 🙂
    I don’t know whether I’m eligible to be included in the giveaway as I’m in the UK but I would be honoured and delighted if I were to win your special tote.
    I love Tina Givens’ quirky fabrics and completely adore your Pernilla’s Journey Across the Housetops quilt. I was also inspired by ‘Scooters with orange and Prince Charming frogs’ fabric combinations. I have a little of the scooters and some frogs are winging their way to me!
    I wish I could visit your Quirkology of Quilts exhibition *sigh*!

    1. Hi Wanda,
      Welcome from the UK. Did you see that my quilt is on the cover of Fabrications for You magazine? I am expecting my copy in the mail any minute.
      Yes! You qualify. The cat is stretching his claws as we speak. Just 5 hours to drawing!
      I am so happy to hear that you like the work and are inspired!
      Keep in touch and let me know about the goings on in England – I am a big Anglofile!
      I will post photos of the show!

      1. Hehe! I didn’t even realise the UK had quilting magazines! I’ll have to look out for a copy.

        What a clever cat you have! I think I like it here and will settle down in that comfy chair in the corner to carry on browsing your work over breakfast.

        I’m so excited about the tote 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

  5. Cannot even believe I JUST found your blog – you could have told me about it the other day! If I had known about your talk this morning I would have been there *whimper*

    Still trying to find when and where you teach.

    You are so talented – and so hilarious! It was great seeing you the other day. Must be time for tea.


    1. The talk went very well, but there will be more talks – so no whimpering! You can still go see the show and see my most recent work. It’s a great show!
      So glad you find my blog. You can find my calendar on my website; I have some classes scheduled this fall. It was great to see you, too. Alethea

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