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San Ramon Valley Museum quilt show in action!
San Ramon Valley Museum quilt show in action!

Tonight I have made the biggest pile of quilts in history! I am preparing for my talk at the San Ramon Valley Museum tomorrow morning. My friend Ashley is here, and we have pulled quilts out of every drawer, closet, box and bin in the house. We are talking about each one and enjoying a walk down quilt memory lane. We piled them all up and sorted them into a ‘bring to the talk’ pile and a ‘put away – this quilt is cheezy, old, or nerdy’ pile.

Now the challenge is to try to reduce the ‘bring to the talk pile’ so that at some point it will be small enough to fit into a semi-truck and trailer.

Join me Saturday at the museum to hear about the work I have done and the transitions my work has gone through over the past 20 years. And then you can see the amazing quilt show, Quirkology of Quilts – Warmth to Whimsy.

The talk will be from 10:30 – 11:30 at the museum. Address and directions are here.

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  1. That museum quilt show looks like it will be great. You make some very good points in your previous post on color–very interesting. And the post on “Fashion Weak” has got me laughing so hard. Thanks!
    best, nadia

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