Yee Ha and Hopalong Quiltedy!

Strap on Your Spurs, little darlin’s I’m doing a Quiltalong!

Amy Ellis' blogger's Bar QuiltAlong block
Amy Ellis’ blogger’s Bar QuiltAlong block

Here’s Amy Ellis block for October 1 – Very Nice.

That means you read the posts and make some brand spankin’ new blocks for a creative project!

The lovely Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios has invited me to join in on his Blogger’s Bar Hop Quilt Along… Won’t you join us in the fun?

Here is what Scott has to say about this little shin dig…

“This year, some bloggers and a bunch of new friends have returned for this autumn’s Blue Nickel Quiltalong.  This year we are focusing on using rectangles in our blocks and after much cleverness searching we came up with this title:  the blogger’s Bar Hop Quiltalong.

Now lest we offend some of you along the way with our reference to a Bar Hop, let us all remember that Bars come in all varieties.  Tavern/Pub bars, yes, but also: Candy Bars, Snack Bars, Breakfast Bars, Sand Bars, Tea Bars (okay, that would be a Tea House, I know…..) Ice Cream Bars, Behind Bars, etc.   So pick YOUR favorite Bar and Hop along with us!

The fabric we are featuring has been generously supplied by Clothworks from their European TaupeVIII collection by Kinkame.  Soft, subtle, and maybe just a little more “traditional” in tone.  We have fourteen bloggers with styles ranging from very modern to the somewhat more traditional side of the quilting street. We believe the “wall” that sometimes comes up between quilters on those lines should be torn down, so that is part of why the collection has been chosen. If you choose to make your blocks out totally modern or totally traditional, they will work just fine.  We love to see the variety of blocks that emerge from these quiltalongs!

Each designer was given four fat quarters from the collection and told they could add one solid and one print of their choice OR two solids and that was it. The other requirement was that they had to use at least one rectangle (bar) in the block  somewhere.  The blocks will all finish to a useful 12” x 12” size.  Feel free to post your blocks here as you hop along with us!

Here’s the line up!

October 1 Amy Ellis

October 2 Lynn Harris   

October 3   Heather Jones    

October 4   Jackie Kunkel    

October 5 Ashley Jones

October 6  Emily Cier 

October 7 Scott Hansen

October 8 Jan Peoples

October 9 April Rosenthal

October 10 Amy Lobsiger

October 11  Cara Quilts

October 12   Konda Luckau

October 13  Alethea Ballard – That’s me!

October 14 Charlie Scott

Hope to see you on the Hop!”

Well, there you have it! I like what Scott said about the softer color palette: “We believe the “wall” that sometimes comes up between quilters on those lines should be torn down.” I’m up for that – are you?

Stay tuned for updates and Join Me in the QuiltAlong!

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