Happy Birthday to me (and you!)

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me

This weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday, so I’m legal to drink. Add to that I also celebrated my 18th birthday, so I can vote. Plus, it was my sixteenth birthday, so I can legally speed down the freeway.  Oh, yeah, plus my terrible two birthday because I can be a brat. And one to grow on.

I hope all of that was confusing enough to obscure the large number of birthday’s I was celebrating this year!

My beautiful birthday roses!
My beautiful birthday roses!

I do love my birthday. It’s the one day I don’t have to feel guilty about doing anything I want! This year I did pretty much nothing for the “actual” day and did partying things for the other (not actual) days! Perfecto!

Love the stitches on this card!
Love the stitches on this card!

I did recieve this card from my three-year-old twin grand niece and nephew.

Alethea's birthday portrait, by D
Alethea’s birthday portrait, by D

It came with some portraits included. This is me (a great likeness, if I do say so).

The twins & Uncle Steve, by O
The twins & Uncle Steve, by O

The twins on the bottom. And my darling husband is the green scribble – practically a photographic likeness!

The Art of the Quilt Calendar 2012 - Starring Alethea Ballard!
The Art of the Quilt Calendar 2013 – Starring Alethea Ballard!

For my birthday I am giving out a present!

back view of The Art of the Quilt Calendar 2012 - Starring Alethea Ballard!
back view of The Art of the Quilt Calendar 2013 – Starring Alethea Ballard!

Orange Circle Studio, who has put out a calendar with THREE of my quilts, sent me some 2013 calendars as a gift to share with you, my dear readers!

It’s very cool, because there is a pouch in the back with the full instructions for each of the thirteen quilts in this calendar! Wow! That’s such a great addition!

I would like to send the first calendar out on Friday to one lucky blog reader.

All you have to do is comment that you’d like one for yourself or some dear friend and I’ll pick a winner. If you don’t win this time, stay tuned for another give-away next week!

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me (and you!)”

  1. Happy Birthday Alethea You Maverick Girl You….I’m so confused…do we add UP the birthdays you listed to figure out your age? LOL (Just kidding of course). Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a calendar…I could be nice and say I would give it to a friend….(thinking about that a sec)….nah….I’ll be honest – I want it for ME!!!!

    1. Hmmm. Interesting question! Well, my (favorite) auntie got a number, but that doesn’t mean I will ACTUALLY put it in the hat!
      Please hold while I consult The Big Book of Blog Give-Away Rules, and I’ll get back to you!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about this cool calendar. I’d love to win one and cross my sister Mary’s name off my Christmas list. But if I don’t win I’ll see about buying one.
    You are very special. Happy Birthday.

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