And the winners are…

Well, I decided since you were all so sweet (and I really didn’t want to do three different drawings) that I would pick three winners for the free Art of the Quilt Calendar Birthday Giveaway, as the publisher had sent me three free copies to give away. And then the lucky winners could all receive them before Christmas (just in case they MIGHT be giving it as a gift)!

I felt a lot of pressure about picking the numbers, so I consulted my friend Gigi Google and she picked for me.

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 11.56.50 AM
Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 11.56.50 AM

If you have your microscope out you’ll see that numbers 11, 6 & 9 won the drawing!

My detectiving indicates that means that Hilda (featured in this blog), Cyndy and Cassandra are the WINNERS!, Congratulations ladies! I will mail them to you on Monday!

But WAIT! There’s a bit of a mystery!

When Joanie asked me where she could get the calendars, I went and asked Gigi Google and she showed me this photo:

The Art of the Quilt Calendar Mystery cover
The Art of the Quilt Calendar Mystery cover

Well, that’s not the calendar I have with that title. But I checked out the photos on the back and lo and behold…

The Art of the Quilt Calendar new back cover
The Art of the Quilt Calendar new back cover

My three quilts are in this calendar, as well. And it’s printed by the same company.

Something very fishy is goin on here… How did some quilts get removed and replaced with others? Oh, I wish I knew the story behind this!

Please hold as I detective this case!

Oh, and by the way, the calendar can be found at Wooden Gate Quilts, Barnes & Noble and at my friend Gigi’s home.

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  1. Thanks for the fun contest. I already ordered my two calendars. I wish your family a wonderful Christmas season. Thanks for your ongoing inspiration.


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