Must Have… fabrics for January 2013

Amy Butler Alchemy fabric
Amy Butler Alchemy fabric

It all starts with fabric.

And it all ends with fabric.

And it’s all fabric in between!

Now, I’ve been to four different fabric stores in the past week and NOWHERE did I see this fabric!

Since I got some fabric store time in this year, I felt it was time to “behave”, so I finally tackled my (285) unread emails, and I am glad I DID!

I came across this post from a great website called True Up (for the fabric obsessed). If you’re not a fan yet, you can subscribe and she’ll send you wonderful emails all about fabric.

Kim wrote about the new Amy Butler Alchemy fabrics and they actually stopped my tiny, cold heart.

As you know I can’t get enough of large-scale prints, so I’m really hoping that in person these prints are LARGE!

Over at Amy’s website you can view the whole she-bang and what a great line it is!

Even though I haven’t seen it on the shelves yet, but i did spy some online at Fabricworm and other places, so I’m going to stomp my tiny cold feet until I get some!!!

Amy Butler sketchbook roses laminated
Amy Butler sketchbook roses laminated

Look at this color! and it comes in laminated fabric – great for bags!

Amy Butler sketchbook roses cream organic
Amy Butler sketchbook roses cream organic

And it comes in organic!

Amy Butler victoriana:port
Amy Butler victoriana:port

And there are some great other designs in the line!

I wish I could just do all fabric all day long!!! Cut, sew, touch, buy, design, cuddle!

2 thoughts on “Must Have… fabrics for January 2013”

  1. Melanie Karwowski

    Breathtaking! I agree! Thank you so much for sharing. I read in the Wall Street Journal (of all sources) that chintz is coming back but with important updates!
    Love, M

    1. I think this might be exactly what the WSJ was talking about!
      I’ve bought a dark-green Australian fabric with a shiny chintz-like sheen and a couple of African prints with the waxy coating associated with Chintz recently.
      It’s exciting!

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