Awesome! Maverick Mustache Quilt

Do you like my mustache?
Do you like my mustache?

Well, hello there – do you like my mustache?

Ok – this is an old photo, but just one of many of me wearing mustaches!

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been a bit obsessed with mustaches for quite a while.

Maybe it’s because I look so good in a mustache!

Mustache loot!
Mustache loot!

It seems as though popular culture has caught up with me because I’ve been getting the most wonderful gifts lately – all adorned with mustaches!

On Christmas my husband looked at my loot and asked me if I invented this whole mustache thing. “Yes,” I replied with aplomb, “I invented the mustache!”

M is for Mustache wall-hanging, by Ashley; 2011
M is for Mustache wall-hanging, by Ashley; 2011

The first of my mustache gifts was this wonderful little quilt made especially for me by the creative and funny, Ashley J.

Awesome Mustache Quilt, 47" x 54" by Alethea Ballard; 2012
Awesome Mustache Quilt, 47″ x 54″ by Alethea Ballard; 2012

So, inspired by Ashley’s wall-hanging, I had to make a quilt covered with mustaches!

Otto's 'Stache
Otto’s ‘Stache

First, I drew pages of mustache outlines and pulled out fabrics that looked like mustache hair. Second, I went into my husband’s closet, pulled out a shirt that he didn’t wear too often and cut it up into quilt blocks! Third, I went to the thrift store and bought a bunch more shirts to cut up for the quilt! Why not?

Awesome Quilt detail
Awesome Mustache Quilt detail

It’s probably weird how much I laughed and cackled while I made this quilt! Really weird – and a little creepy.

The most fun part was naming the different mustache styles.

Inspired by Magnum P.I.
Inspired by Magnum P.I.

This one was inspired by Tom Selleck’s mustache from Magnum P.I.

So many people loved this quilt that I made up a pattern so ANYONE can make one of their own!!! That means you!

I’ve created a big PDF file with full-sized templates for the mustaches and I’ve posted it up on If you want to join my lunacy and make your own version this quilt, you can download it in a milli-jiffy from Craftsy – here’s the link! Be sure to email me photos of your Awesome Mustache Quilts- nothing would give me more pleasure than to see more versions of the Awesome Mustache Quilt!!!

Well, hello there!
Well, hello there!

My keychain says, “Well, hello there!” when you push a little button. Thank you, Catherine J!

…told you I look good in a mustache!

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