The Snowball’s Chance Free Quilt Along

Use this poster to share the Snowball's Chance love!
Use this poster to share the Snowball's Chance love!

Join me in creating a beautiful quilt!

I have been under shelter-in-place directives here in California for over a week, and I was looking for a way to reach out to you, my friends and fellow quilters, in a creative way.

Recently, I posted a photo on Instagram of the Snowball’s Chance quilt I made about eight years ago and the response was really great.

That gave me the idea to work up this quilt as a free sew along and a way for some of us to escape to our happy place – the land of pieces of fabric!

This pattern uses simple construction and commonly-used sewing methods, and it produces an absolutely fabulous result.

Module 1 Snowball's Chance Quilt
Unit 1 How to navigate this course
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Download the Pattern
Unit 4 Supply List
Unit 5 Video Tutorial
Unit 6 Show and Tell!
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