The Snowball’s Chance Free Quilt Along

Snowball's Chance Quilt
Snowball's Chance Quilt, by Alethea Ballard

Join me in creating a beautiful quilt!  It's all Simple Cutting and Quick Sewing!

Put your 5" and 2" squares to work in creating a new quilt.  Whether you're using precuts, scraps or yardage, your snowballs are going to go together in a flash and look good each time!

A Snowball's Chance quilt combines nine snowball blocks to create a 14" square. There is so much opportunity for creativity and fabric play with this pattern.

With that in mind, I created a free sew along and a way for you to escape to our happy place – the land of pieces of fabric!

This pattern uses simple construction and commonly-used sewing methods, and it produces an absolutely fabulous result.

NOTE: After you have signed up, refresh the page to see the lessons!  Be sure to look at the gallery of quilts and student work.  Thank you!

The Ghastlie Snowball quilt! Work in progress!

A Ghastlie Snowball's Chance!

Flatten the curve with Cordelia!

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