Collage 101

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4 thoughts on “Collage 101”

  1. Hi Alethea! So enjoying your course!
    Where can I find “glow in the dark thread”?
    Do you only use cottons?
    If I fuse a stretch fabric will it work too?
    Have you ever done your work on t-shirts? If so, tips?

    1. maverickquilts

      Hi Gail,
      I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying my online course!
      Here’s what I know: I prefer the glow-in-the-dark thread from a company called YLI. You can ask your LQS (local quilt shop) to carry it, or order online. If so, I always try to find a small store to support. Try StoneMountain fabrics in Berkeley?
      I use mostly cotton fabric, but I’m not militant. Most of the embroidery I use is from hand-stitched dresses from Mexico, and they are usually made on polyester. I think for art quilts you can use anything, and I mean anything: paper, metal, sequins, beads, bling, etc.
      Yes to using stretch knits. I have used t-shirts and baby’s onesies with ease. I do use the Soft Fuse on the back, and stitch right through it.
      If you have trouble with skipping stitches, switch to a jersey ball-point needle.
      So glad you asked all of this. 😉

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