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10 thoughts on “Cutting”

  1. Paula M Morgan

    When I first saw some of your work, I was remembering the old “Monty Python” series. This episode confirmed you are the Monty Python of appliqué. They were the reason way back when, that I wanted to learn about collage…

    1. maverickquilts

      That’s very observant, Paula! We were a big Monty Python household, and I think you’re exactly right that their level of silly and mayhem has seeped into my work!

      I was always fascinated with the collage part!
      And the And Now… A man with three…

  2. My favorite motif to extract is tough to pick! I have a flower print I love. Butterflies. CATS. and birds. Did I pick too many?

  3. So do you go ahead and cut images as you find them and have a stash of fused images ready to go? Or do you wait and go through your fabric as you start a new project?

    1. maverickquilts

      I usually find a fabric I like, put the fusible on the back, and cut out all of the motifs on it. I usually turn all the back ground pieces into circle dots, but lately I’m cutting eye shapes with the excess bits.
      As I’m cutting, the ones that might play together will begin to stand out and then I think of other cutouts I have or fabric I can cut out to add to the party.
      I wish I just created one project at a time, as I am getting a large collection of random pieces.
      This was actually a great resource when I created the giant selfie. I was able to pull out plastic bags of random motifs and use quite a few different kinds of things. I just have to trust that I will continue want to go into the “library” and find good playmates for the project d’jour.
      I think there is enough passive thought time during the cutting where I can imagine and mentally begin a design, but I usually also go through stacks of fabric in my stash and pull out possible additions with any new project, as well.

      1. Snow Wildsmith

        I am starting to see that myself as I go through my stash. Pieces are standing out and “calling” to each other. It’s really fascinating to get a look at your process and then think about how I would do things. I’m learning a lot!

        1. Thank you so much!
          I’m glad I am not the only one who experiences the “calling to each other” process with fabric!
          I’m so glad that you are finding it a positive learning experience! xoxo

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