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11 thoughts on “Fabrics”

  1. I love shopping at my local Bay Quilts, New Pieces and Stone Mountain and Daughter. Cotton Patch is a little further from me but great. I’ll stop at any fabric store I pass! Day trip to Cloth Carousel in Winters has some of the best novelty fabrics and Broadway Quilts in Napa breaks the bank each visit with all the AGF they stock. And I find a lot on Etsy. 🙂

    1. maverickquilts

      Oh you’re lucky to be near so many great sources of fabric!
      Do share your favorite Etsy store(s).
      Mine is OldeWorldCarvings (but there’s no fabric there.) ;}

  2. Lynette Botes

    Hi! Over here in Canterbury, England there is no proper LQS nearby 😭 I buy mostly online and sometimes hit the road to Hythe where lovely little Sewing Space provides a small selection of fabric to touch and drool over.

    1. maverickquilts

      Cripes! That’s so tough! I really get inspired when I see a fabric I like, and it’s hard to get the same energy from photos online. I also really have to use the scale of the fabric to create the collages, so having it in hand helps, too!
      Let me know when you see me use a fabric that you want, and I can sent it to you! (Yes, I’ve been accused of being a fabric enabler/drug pusher!)

      1. Hahaha! Fabric pusher 😄 Consider me hooked!
        I received some Fridas in the mail just yesterday….today will be play day 👍☀️

  3. Paula M Morgan

    Thistle Dew in Folsom, Broadway Quilts in Sonoma, Wooden Gate in Dublin, Cloth Carousal in Winters, Honey Run Quilters In Chico, Friends around the Block in Colusa….but who am I kidding…there are a lot of shops I look forward to visiting and being inspired to purchase….I do shop on line, but there is just something to seeing and touching in person!

    1. maverickquilts

      OH . I’ve never heard of Thistle Dew or Friends around the Block! Must add them to my list!
      If you’re up in that area, I highly recommend Sew Smart Supplies in Los Molinos; they have the best Alexander Henry collection I’ve ever seen and load of other great applique fabrics, too!
      I agree – it helps to see and touch!!! YUM!

  4. We’re Sew Creative in Concord, NC is my LQS, but Intown Quilters in Decatur, GA is near to my mother-in-law’s house, so I try to go there whenever we visit. My favorite online store is hands down equilter.com. They have the best selection of really off-beat prints, so I can always find fun, weird images and my favorite obsessions like dragons, gothic prints, and rats/mice.

    1. Hi Snow, I have been to Intown Quilters; they keep a great stash of Kaffe Fasset Collective! I’ll keep and eye out for gothic prints for you. I’ll message you on Instagram when I find them! Happy sewing!

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