Introduction and Tips for the Online Course

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7 thoughts on “Introduction and Tips for the Online Course”

    1. Paula M Morgan

      I have completed 3 Quilts of Honor quilts, gave two away to the actual recipient. I see my failure as over thinking EVERYTHING about what I am about to make.

      1. maverickquilts

        Hush, now!
        You create the way you need to at any given moment!
        Sometimes you really need to think to make it work, and sewing with seams, borders, quilting and binding is very challenging!
        Quilts of Honor have a very palpable emotion attached and it’s a serious business to create for someone who has made great sacrifices for our country.
        I remember being very stressed about quilting some quits for the Blue Star Moms, as a member of the battalion the quilts were made for had lost his life in a battle they were involved in.
        That said, I hope can ALSO have time and space to create without a plan and let the silly and whimsey flow. I think this style of raw-edge applique is just the thing for that kind of play!

  1. I think my biggest success has been sticking with quilting/sewing. Previously I was a serial craft starter, but nothing seemed to really take. The variety of options in sewing is what keeps me interested. If I don’t feel like quilting today, I can make a bag or I can cut out shapes for appliqué or I can piece squares or a billion other things! I am not great at finishing things, though, but I think that’s more because I am still working on finding my voice and learning what aspects of fabric art appeal most to me.

    1. maverickquilts

      I think you’ve described my success as well! I do like to dabble in other media and have tried mosaics, knitting, stuffed creature-making, and clothes. But I do love that, even with my creative ADD, there is always an element of quilt-related work that I can do!
      I also feel that if you let go of the “rules” you can create ANYTHING you like!!! And that brings me joy.

      1. Snow Wildsmith

        That was how I felt when I saw your work — free! Because here was someone who also loved all the great images that are on quilt fabric and wanted to make art with them! Quilts with all solid fabric and lots of negative space are wonderful to look at, but I want maximum stuff in my art!!!

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