Tools and Supplies

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5 thoughts on “Tools and Supplies”

  1. It sounds silly to a non-quilter, but I recently splurged on a nicer ironing board and it’s been wonderful! Sturdy and able to hold up to what I need! I have a small craft space, so the various organizers I have found (such as over-the-door shoe holders which sort my interfacings) have been a big help in keeping my room from being chaos!

    1. maverickquilts

      Both of these are great tips! I think a sturdy ironing board is really helpful.
      I only use mine when my flat towel-covered cutting/pressing table is too cluttered, but that has been the entire last two months. Ugh!
      I like the over the door shoe organizer idea. I might employ that for my tools! I am ALWAYS looking for my tools who like to hide from me under piles of fabric!!!

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