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Module 1 Exuberant Applique
Unit 1 What is Exuberant Appliqué Basics? Free – watch now  – Preview
Unit 2 Introduction and Tips for the Online Course
Unit 3 Fabrics
Unit 4 Tools and Supplies
Unit 5 Fusing
Unit 6 Cutting
Unit 7 Collage 101
Unit 8 Collage 102
Unit 9 Finishing
Unit 10 Gallery
Unit 11 Course overview and meet Alethea – Free – Watch now  – Preview
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Module 1 Snowball’s Chance Quilt
Unit 1 How to navigate this course
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Download the Pattern
Unit 4 Supply List
Unit 5 Video Tutorial
Unit 6 Show and Tell!
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